Chat + share with your sports team in a new way
Say goodbye to email, SMS, WhatsApp, and chat with your team in a new way. Wildkard helps you build engaged communities around sports. Setting up takes 2 minutes.

New way to chat

Discuss game strategy, talk practice drills, share tricks, or simply banter with teammates.

Your stats. Your kard.

Personalized kards with your stats, badges, moments. Compare your kards with others!

Create game stories

Before game: RSVP via in-app/SMS. After game: post scores, stats, content. WK creates beautiful game stories.

Build your sports community

Explore and share moments with your sports community. Follow each other. Get better together.

How it works


Create a team, invite athletes, schedule a game in minutes.


Wildkard sends RSVPs via SMS or in-app and lets you know who's in.


Go play, coach, have fun. Let Wildkard handle the admin stuff.

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